Chemical Products

We manufacture a wide range of mining chemicals for customized and general purposes

Here is a breakdown
of the mining chemicals we produce & Supply

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Sodium Cyanide

We produce and supply tons of Sodium Cyanide to mining companies in Ghana, in addition to that we also train the mining personnel and the transport company staff in the safe handling of the chemical and how to appropriately respond during accidents involving the chemical

Flocculants & Coagulants

We also produce and supply a wide range of anionic, non-ionic & cationic flocculant from SNF Floeger; the world's largest water soluble polymer manufacturer.

other chemicals include:

Viscosity Modifiers

As a representative of Pionera in various Ghana we study the efficacy of their biopolymers in viscosity modification, flotation and leaching applications.

Dust Control Agents

We also produce Lignosulphonate binder, an efficient suppresser of dust generated on haul roads and waste dumps. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is also incredibly easily to apply.

Smelt House Chemicals

We supply various chemicals for the smelting of gold as part of our overall supply package. Typically borax, anhydrous and the decahydrate, sodium carbonate, sodium and potassium nitrate, silica and fluorspar are supplied.

Commodity Chemical

We supply many commodity chemicals such as caustic soda, hydrochloric, nitric, sulphamic and sulphuric acids, quicklime and hydrated lime to mining companies.

Sodium Metabisulphite

We also produce Sodium Metabisulphite together with copper ions as an oxidant in the cyanide destruction process since it is a prefered alternative to hydrogen peroxide (Caro's Acid)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Despite the growth in it's alternative; Sodium Metabisulphite, we still produce and supply Caro's Acid as a leach enhancer in cyanidation and other purposes.


Another chemical we produce is the Antiscalants which is used in CIL & heap leach plants to control scaling.

Activated Carbon

We work closely with Core Carbon from India to produce Activated Carbon with high attrition resistance and low platelet content which we find is very useful to the gold industry

Flotation Chemicals

We also produce flotation reagents which we have conveniently divided into four (4) categories namely;
1. Collectors & Promoters
2. Frothers
3. Activators
4. Depressants